Oust Him


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We call on President Aquino to resign! For the past 5 years he has done nothing but fail the people of the Philippines, from opening countless economic doors to foreign corporations, committing an absurd amount of human rights violations, and robbing Filipinos of our dignity and respect. If he refuses, we will OUST HIM!


Too late (x5)
Can't wait (x4)
Too late (x5)
Can't wait (x4)

Ten years now we've been all up on,
Organizing in the States with y'all.
BAYAN-US ready for the fall
Of President Noy Noy Aquino.
Write a novel of all his faults,
Militarizing farms, towns, and homes.
Pork Barrel Scandal, pesos in his pocket.
He can't deny it, cause we know it and we growing conscious.

Asked them what they think, Aquino III, they said "oust him,"
Asked him how he failed the Philippines, need to oust him.
President resign, the people say, "oust him!"
Noy Noy now you know we cannot wait, oust him.
Oust him, oust him, you know that we'll oust him,
Get the people on it, justice that we've wanted,
Oust him, oust him, you know that we'll oust him,
Get the people on it, justice that we've wanted,
Oust him!

Infatuated by the mass actions,
We wanna serve the people, get them all agit.
Meeting to study revolution cause we all bout it,
Marchin and chantin all day, we surround the palace.
Come get ready when we come to your town.
Everybody mob to DC this summer,
Try to stop us but the movement only gets stronger.
BAYAN Congress going harder, better, much louder

CHORUS: (Repeat)

Ooh, people rising up,
The fight's stepping up,
The fight's almost won
But we need a trial,
Can't let him get away.
Get away with it
Can't get away with it

CHORUS: (Repeat)

Today (x5)
Can't wait (x4)
Today (x5)
Can't wait (x4)


released June 3, 2015
Written and sung by: Paula Abad
Recorded and produced by: Eric Tandoc




Anakbayan Long Beach Long Beach, California

Anakbayan Long Beach is a progressive Filipino youth and student organization working to educate, organize and mobilize the community to address issues that affect Filipinos in the U.S. and in the Philippines. We aim to unite Filipino youth of all backgrounds in order to achieve national liberation and genuine democracy in the Philippines. ... more

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